Bradley E. Wyatt, Sr.

Sr. Project Coordinator

Bradley Wyatt, Sr. Florida SITA-Tab Sr Project Coordinator with HVAC testing, balancing, and commissioning.


Project Coordinator

Certified AABC Test and Balance Technician (TBT)

Professional Memberships:

AABC – Associated Air Balance Council

NEBB – National Environmental
Balancing Bureau

FEBB – Florida Environmental
Balancing Bureau

Florida HVAC testing, balancing and commissioning firm SITA-Tab.

Mr. Wyatt has more than 26 years in the construction industry specializing in building HVAC systems, related to testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB), as well as commissioning. Mr. Wyatt has been involved in numerous complex projects, which has allowed him to utilize his expertise in project coordination and management to ensure the proper approach by Florida's SITA TAB Technicians.

Featured project:

    Alachua County Jail – Energy Conservation Improvements

    Florida HVAC testing, balancing and commissioning firm SITA-Tab client Alachua County Jail.This project featured the installation of 76 chilled water roof top units, along with testing and balancing of the chilled water systems, related to this 184,000 square-foot county detention complex. The purpose of this project was a complete change-over from refrigerant systems to chilled water systems, with over 5 miles of piping. The chilled water allows for a much more efficient HVAC system for Alachua County. This project was completed in conjunction with Climate Control Mechanical Services, Inc.

Completed Testing, Adjusting and Balancing projects:

  • St. Anthony's Hospital – MOB – Phase I – 108,500 square-foot medical office building; SITA was contracted by the owner, Baycare Properties.
  • Fairway Christian Church – Worship Sanctuary – 43,900 square-foot building; SITA was contracted by Hilliard’s Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
  • Seven Springs Middle School – Phase II – 133,200 square-foot middle school; SITA was contracted by Tappouni Mechanical Services, Inc.