Building Commissioning & Air Barrier Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The quality of a building's environment is the direct result of proper HVAC air conditioning systems design and correct air conditioning testing and adjusting. According to the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, 53% of all indoor air quality problems may be remedied by providing adequate ventilation with appropriate amounts of outside air coupled with suitable filtration. SITA is able to provide air volume, temperature, humidity, CO2 and CO measurements with recommendations to resolve indoor air quality deficiencies.


5 Typical causes of IAQ issues

  1. Improper outside air volume to air handing units.
  2. Kitchen hoods not properly adjusted or interlocked.
  3. HVAC control systems not sequenced properly or have been altered.
  4. Poor maintenance of HVAC equipment.
  5. Building pressure relationships.

The quality of the building environment is a direct result of HVAC system design porper testing, and adjusting.