By Brian C. Kaupp TBE, NEBB Professional

As of July 1, 2017, the Florida Building Code (R402.4.1.2) is now mandating residential blower door testing on all new homes. The home builder will be required to prove the testing has been completed by a third-party firm. The home must not exceed 7 air changes per hour at 50 pascals (2.0" inches w.g.).

SITACx provides consulting and testing for Residential Blower Door Testing following the latest Florida Building Code R402.4.1.2 Testing. We also provide the necessary diagnostic/instrumentation to ensure the residence meets the necessary compliance standards. Providing a blower door test is one thing, but understanding where the issues are is another.

SITACx has been providing energy auditing and evaluations for both residential and commercial projects related to the performance of the envelope system. The Building Air Barrier Testing/Blower Door testing is a systematic process of verifying the building envelope air leakage rate as well as analysis of the construction of envelope. We follow test methods for determining air tightness of buildings to meet ASTM Standards as well as building codes.

Our residential blower door testing services include: Pre-design consultation related the air barrier assemblies and systems, detailing, and material specifications. Blower Door Testing and Analysis, Envelope Diagnostics, Thermal Imaging (Level II Certification), Smoke Infiltration Analysis.

Benefits of An Air Tight Home: Enhanced Energy Performance, Lower utility costs, Greater Occupant Comfort.