Keith W. Bunner

Sr. Project Analyst

Keith W Bunner Sr Project Analyst Florida HVAC Commissioning.


Sr. Project Analyst

Certified ACG Technician (CxT)

Certified AABC Test and Balance Technician (TBT)

Professional Memberships:

ACG - AABC Commissioning Group

AABC - Associated Air Balance Council

NEBB - National Environmental
Balancing Bureau

FEBB - Florida Environmental
Balancing Bureau

Mr. Bunner has more than 23 years in the construction industry, specializing in building HVAC systems, commissioning, air barrier testing and test and balance and has been with SITA for over two decades. His vast knowledge of the HVAC industry has allowed him to be a part of several types of projects ranging from schools, hospitals, large industrial complexes and military bases to high-rise buildings. Mr. Bunner has been able to take his understanding of building systems and utilize this in his approach to cost analysis of projects, related to the services of Southern Independent Testing Agency, Inc.

Featured project:

  • Corner Lake Middle School - HVAC Upgrade - 168,700 square-foot middle school. Mr. Bunner worked hand and hand with the general contractor, Wharton-Smith, Inc. Construction Group, to develop a cost effective approach to providing testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB), along with commissioning of the HVAC systems. This project, which was a controls renovation project, entailed understanding the existing systems that were already in place, as well as the implementation of the new controls, related to HVAC. Due to Mr. Bunner’s efforts, Southern Independent Testing Agency, Inc. and Wharton-Smith, Inc. Construction Group were able to deliver the owner an energy efficient and properly controlled building environment.

Awarded projects:

The following commissioning / TAB projects were awarded to our firm, based on Mr. Bunner’s cost analysis and approach to the project.

  • Florida Hospital Kissimmee - Suite 106 - 11,000 square-foot hospital remodel; SITACx was contracted by Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.
  • Elementary School 'N' - Osceola County - 45,125 square-foot elementary school; SITACx was contracted by the owner, School District of Osceola County.
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School - Classroom Addition - 46,700 square-foot elementary school; SITACx was contracted by the owner, School District of Osceola County.