Michael J. Reiter

Building Envelope Specialist / Air Barrier Testing / Division Manager

Michael J Reiter SITA-Tab Air Barrier Testing Division Manager


SITACx Division Manager

Certified Thermographer - Level 1

Certified AABC Test and Balance Technician (TBT)

Professional Memberships:

AABC - Associated Air Balance Council

NEBB - National Environmental
Balancing Bureau

FEBB - Florida Environmental
Balancing Bureau

Mr. Reiter has been with Southern Independent for 17 years in the Commercial and Construction HVAC industry, specializing in HVAC Commissioning, Building Envelope Testing, Air Barrier Testing and Thermal Imaging. Over this time, Mr. Reiter's field experience varies from projects including, state universities, financial institutes, high-rise buildings, Army Corp of Engineers, MacDill AFB, detention facilities, school boards and laboratory projects. Mr. Reiter’s understanding of mechanical systems, as well as building component, gives him the ability to see and provide solutions to ensure a properly operating building.

Featured project:

Current / Completed Air Barrier Testing, Thermal Imaging & Commissioning projects:

  • Lee Tran Administration, Operations & Maintenance Facility 127,137 square-foot operations and maintenance building; SITACx was contracted with Gilbane Building Company.
  • Sumter County Jail - 175,000 square-foot detention center; SITACx was contracted by Holiday Enterprises Heat & Air.
  • Richey Elementary School - Campus Redevelopment - 107,000 square-foot elementary school; SITACx was contracted by Cutler Associates, Inc.