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We are committed to providing effective HVAC solutions that maximize building performance.

Tampa Office Corporate Headquarters

Southern Independent Testing Agency, Inc.
140A Whitaker Road
Tampa, Florida 33549

Tel. 813.949.1999
Fax 813.949.5084

Key Staff

Corporate Officers

Brian C Kaupp

Senior Vice President
Charles W Kaupp

Linda Kaupp

Project Coordinator
Nathaniel J Crimm


Project Administrator
Lynn Challandes - Project contracts

Administration Coordinator
Donna Peachy - Assistant Project Coordinator/TAB Reports
Micah Hurkett - TAB Reports

Building Commissioning / Building Envelope Analysis

Commissioning Authority
Michael Reiter - Division Manager

Project Proposals/Estimating

Senior Project Analyst
Keith Bunner

Senior Project Analyst
Greg Driggers