Building Envelope Commissioning & Air Barrier Testing


Building Envelope Analysis

SITACx provides consulting related to the building envelope performance on commercial buildings. Diagnostics involve the identification of problems that cause moisture, thermal, and comfort issues. Utilizing the latest technology to provide a wide array of inspection services for commercial and industrial businesses, municipalities, and contractors to identify, repair, buildings, equipment and structures from moisture, leaks, corrosion and inefficient energy usage.

Thermography image of building showing heat escaping.

Benefits of Envelope Analysis

Envelope Analysis benefits include: enhanced building performance, lower operating costs, and greater occupant comfort. Building owners and managers, from government facilities to private owners, are incorporating Envelope Analysis and Air Barrier Testing into their new building or retrofit projects in order to minimize their energy usage and operational costs.

Image of building windows.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) performed a comprehensive study on building air tightness and concluded an air barrier system can reduce heating energy consumption by over 40% in some climates and will reduce heating and cooling loads in all climates.

Image of building with windows.