a picture of Nathaniel J. Crimm, the Project Coordinator of SITA, smiling and posing outside on a sunny day

Nathaniel J. ‘Nate’ Crimm

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) Specialist / Project Coordinator

Mr. Crimm has been a part of the SITA team since 2003, specializing in building HVAC systems and Test and Balance (TAB). As one of our seasoned veterans, his experience spans many industries and project types including hospitals, education projects, low to mid high-rise buildings, residential complexes, all types of foundation and structural systems, hardened building, emergency operation centers, detention facilities, laboratories and judicial projects. Nate has been involved in numerous complex projects and systems, which has allowed him to utilize his expertise in project coordination and management to ensure the proper approach by our technicians.


  • Project Coordinator
  • Certified AABC Test and Balance
  • Technician (TBT)

Professional Memberships:

  • ACG – AABC Commissioning Group
  • AABC – Associated Air Balance Council
  • NEBB – National Environmental
    Balancing Bureau
  • FEBB – Florida Environmental
    Balancing Bureau