A man is building the air barrier on site

Building Air Barrier Testing

Our team will test the quality of your building’s air and ensure that your space is air tight.

Two men are busy working on a rooftop on building HVAC Commissioning

Building HVAC Commissioning

We will verify that your HVAC systems are functioning properly and energy efficiently.

This is a man with his watch on testing HVAC services provided by SITA

HVAC Testing & Balancing

Our testing will ensure that your HVAC systems are performing in accordance to industry standards.

A man with a SITA reflective vest is busy with building the HVAC testing

Residential Blower Door Testing

Our SITACx team will test your structure and its doorways, verifying that it is airtight.

Have Any Questions?

Have Any Questions?

We encourage questions and are happy to answer them! You can send your inquiries through our Contact page